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The Story: Why we built TerragonPrime

SEPTEMBER 28, 2021

Terragon started out as a VAS/mobile company and at the same time played in the agency space off the back of brands needing to connect with consumers in Africa and mobile being one of the most utilised forms of connectivity. We built an end-to-end agency from ground up, and specialised in delivering mobile marketing solutions to SMBs and large enterprises.

As the mobile device has evolved and internet adoption in Africa continues to grow, over 80% of internet connections are generated from mobile devices. It shows the real importance of mobile in the entire narrative around connectivity and interactions on the continent. When brands are looking to connect with consumers, the mobile device is still the most ubiquitous channel to do that. On the one hand, there is the need to help brands navigate the journey of how to increasingly engage with customers to drive business value.

Marketing technology continues to evolve and the world is constantly yearning for consumer privacy and data protection. We are now in an era where all the things that formed the basis for online advertising, from 3rd party cookies to anonymous and non anonymous targeting and retargeting are under threat.

So the most important question now is ‘how do we ensure that businesses in Africa are not left behind in a post cookie world?” How do we ensure that all the technologies that are in place to improve marketing, especially online continue to work even as the world moves from privacy intrusive solutions? 

Terragon understands this need and as we always say, no one knows Africans like we do, simply because of our experience working with the telcos whom if we go by the identification of consumers based on a unique ID like the phone number or the MSISDN, it places the telco at the heart of data supply that will be used to power consumer connections and interactions over the coming years. 

Once we looked at ourselves, we came to realise that we have vast experience in deploying mobile marketing solutions, great relationships with telcos across the continent and have a fair understanding of brands’ needs in terms of driving marketing programs because of our agency experience. So, we have went ahead to build what we would call Africa’s first true Customer Data Platform that takes a look at the consumer from a first party data perspective, provides robust enrichment to ensure that we are given advertisers a true and robust picture of African consumers, to allow brands to connect with them better and give them more personalised experiences. 

So we started this out by building an Enterprise level CDP, which we have deployed across different key verticals today, including FMCGs, financial service providers like banks and some Fintechs and we have been operating this at an enterprise level. 

However, we quickly learned that marketing technology adoption on the continent is not as fast as you would experience in developed markets simply because of costs or the organization’s stage of digital maturity, amongst other reasons. Now, we must also recognize that Africa is heavily powered by SMBs. It’s not so different from the rest of the  world, but we see a lot of that happening here such that less than 10% of organizations are large enterprises. The rest of them are small businesses, and they drive the majority of business contribution to the GDP. 

We want to be sure we are ready for scale and that is what has informed the need to develop a CDP solution that will not just be for enterprises but something that small businesses can utilise. 

So we went ahead and built Terragon Prime; an end-to-end marketing platform that allows for data aggregation, enrichment and activation through multi-channelled solutions to ensure that both small medium and large businesses are able to have access to hundreds of millions of profiles of Africans that we have within our repository, Thanks to our relationship with telcos and other data supply partners, business of all sizes can access consumers for marketing purposes across multiple channels, either for acquisition or retention purposes. 

If you already have your own customer data, upload it unto your Terragon Prime cloud CDP and enrich your customer profiles, create robust and unified IDs of their customer, create audience segments and drive multi-channel activation for customer retention, upsell and cross sell. You can also expand your audiences through our look-alike modelling tools powered by proprietary AI and ML engines to increase your reach and acquire new customers that are very similar to their high value existing customers. 

We built Prime to solve an African problem, which is the need to reach African consumers at scale  and provide the most personalised experience possible. 

Welcome to Data Driven Marketing for everyone. If you’d like to take an early spin, please CLICK HERE to join the waiting list and you will be given early access to Terragon Prime (Beta), launching this October. 


Thank you.