Terragon Group

Improving customer experience through data-powered marketing strategies

To achieve positive brand equity and build a strong, loyal community of customers.

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Delivering personalized experiences to consumers, on mobile

Our platforms empower businesses to meet consumers’ demand for more meaningful and relevant messaging, by aggregating otherwise fragmented consumer data from digital footprints across various touchpoints.

First party data gathering

Build a robust customer database of consumers that engage with your brand from activation events, websites, surveys, trivias and other touchpoints.

Connected events

Intelligently engage with customers with contextual messaging to gain real-time feedback and keep them updated on new product launches, sales, price slash, upcoming events and other activities via their most convenient communication channel.

Integration with existing marketing platforms and systems

With the focus being primarily on the “customer”, our systems are adaptable to various platforms to allow businesses maintain their existing tech stack without losing out on unified customer and insights.

AI and ML powered insights, recommendation and segmentation

What actions do your customers take outside of your ‘walled garden’?

Understand consumer behavior outside of your brand interactions to gain unparalleled insights needed to anticipate their needs, offer relevant services and ultimately grow your business.

Future-proof digital advertising, targeting and attribution, without 3P cookies

Inbuilt Facebook Conversions API (CAPI) solution to solve for effective “cookie-less” digital advertisement.

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