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Investing in customer relationships and experiences; beyond transactions

Amplify customer experience with product recommendations, timely and contextual engagements on mobile.

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Loyalty and Rewards

Automatically disburse airtime, vouchers or gift cards at scale using effective channels such as SMS, USSD and WhatsApp to your most loyal customers directly and easily on our platforms.

Driving footfall traffic

Geographic data available on the platform enables businesses to run location-based brand activities and campaigns to drive footfall to specific locations or events.

Insights and Segmentation

Accurately profile your existing customers and segment them based on specific criteria and data points; identify data overlaps, commonalities in order to deliver more personalized engagement.

Target profiles similar to your ideal customers

Unify customer data and identify common traits among most of your customers. Leverage these insights to target similar profiles; this gives you a higher propensity of conversion and chance of product uptake.

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