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Enrich your customer profiles to reduce risk and increase LTV

We power customers’ digital journey, from awareness to acquisition and loyalty; while increasing customer value with AI-powered recommendations

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Customer Acquisition

Financial inclusion through digital channel adoption

Ride the current digital transformation wave to acquire and onboard new customers by leveraging segmented audiences and target profiles based on device type and digital usage for higher conversions and adoption of digital channels via WhatsApp, SMS, USSD and App downloads.

Reach and onboard unbanked consumers

With the mobile device as the key enabler, financial institutions can leverage our platforms and data sets to specifically target the over 50% of “unbanked” consumers in Africa, and onboard them seamlessly via various channels, based on consumers device type and digital capability.

Customer Retention

Data enrichment to prevent churn and reactivate dormant accounts

Gain insights on your customer’s activities across other touchpoints, outside of your walled garden through data enrichment; to cross-sell and upsell relevant services as well as drive account reactivation with relevant messaging and offering.

Credit scoring and product recommendation

Create a credit risk evaluation system using algorithms based on specific criteria including behavioral, transactional and customer value data aggregated from various sources; to reduce the risk of loan defaults.

Airtime top-up

Be your customer’s first choice for airtime top up. Automatically notify customers with airtime purchase option when they run low on airtime; or allow them determine a set amount for automatic top-up at a certain frequency.

Privacy compliant, secure and encrypted customer data.

Terragon Audience Profile (TAP) as our platform UID, provides an added layer of security with complete anonymization and encryption of PII (Personal Information Identifiers).

Start offering your customers a better communication experience