You’ve relied on cookies for years to serve personalized Ads. Now they are being phased out, what does that mean for your Online Advertising Strategy? The time to prepare and act is NOW! This webinar ultimately highlighted the imminent threat the phasing out of cookies poses to online advertising both to Brands and Agencies; possible […]

The relationship between brands and consumers in today’s digital world has shifted. In the past, brands could easily define the message and pre-determine the pathway of the customer’s journey. However, with consumers’ embrace of multiple devices (mobile, email, web, POS etc) as interaction points, the journey is now a multi-dimensional, multi-platform customer journey. This means […]

First party Customer data is the most valuable data businesses own and is the starting point for any form of customer engagement. Now more than ever, the need for businesses to own and manage first-party data could be the difference between staying in business or going under. Customer behaviour is dynamic and ever-changing as well […]

In the last few months, consumers have steadily developed new behaviours due to the far-reaching impact of COVID-19. With no prior preparation for the pandemic, brands have now begun to relook their strategies while focussing on makeshift plans as a reactionary measure. Customers now demand unique and compelling experiences in light of current realities. They […]

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