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One platform to gather consumer feedback at scale

Engage your customers with surveys and forms via USSD, SMS & WEB for better insights.

Digital survey solution for businesses

Smart Survey gathers real-time data and insights at scale via USSD, SMS, web and WhatsApp. Responses, which can be viewed via a user-friendly interface, are fed back into the system to update your existing customer data.

Interactive messaging platform for businesses

Smart Survey enables direct data gathering for 2-way communication between businesses and end-users.

  • Consumer feedback

    Collating customer opinion and input on products and services for improvement purposes.

  • Market research

    Understanding the market ecosystem, defining factors, needs.

  • Social research

    Discovering pain points and needs of a group of individuals to proffer the right solutions.

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Secure, encrypted and anonymised customer data. Privacy compliant!

Terragon Audience Profile (TAP) as our platform UID, provides an added layer of security with complete anonymization and encryption of PII (Personal Information Identifiers).

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