Terragon Group

Mobile is more than just a device

We work with CPaaS vendors and Businesses to enable secure and reliable multi-channel engagement between businesses and consumers at scale.

A visual illustration of a mobile content distribution

Bulk SMS aggregation

Trusted by top-rated Bulk SMS Vendors in Nigeria for 99.9% SMS delivery rate across all networks for promotional and transactional message delivery.

A visual illustration of OTP delivery

One Time Password (OTP) delivery

Simple and quick API integrations to enable businesses deliver timely OTPs needed for verification and authentication of transactions by customers, directly on mobile.

Mobile content distribution and billing

Through our direct connections to Telco content delivery and billing platforms, content developers and providers are able to distribute content, irrespective of device type or content format (audio, SMS, games, images etc), across all major networks in Nigeria, directly to consumers with minimal payment friction.

A visual illustration of mobile content distribution

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