Terragon Group

Innovation for the future. Creating tomorrow’s solutions, today!

100% commitment to the “African Opportunity”

Following years of successful partnerships in developing best in class MarTech solutions, Terragon merged with Bizense – an Asian based software company in 2018; demonstrating deeper commitment to delivering on the “African opportunity”. Bizense now operates as the dedicated R&D centre for Terragon, based in Bangalore the software capital of the world.

Future-proof innovation for long-term sustainability

Developing superior homegrown solutions which defines Terragon’s vision – “Innovation to make mobile simple”; to help Businesses anticipate, stay ahead of market trends, and compete on a global level.

Superior Quality and Technology

Surpassing customer expectations through constant ideation, experimentation and iterations to develop best-in class products and deliver incremental improvement to existing products, in light of emerging technologies, hyper-competitive and globalized competition.

Talent Development and Knowledge transfer

Between Lagos, Nigeria’s hub for the fastest-growing sector, “technology”, and Bangalore, a global tech hub with premier R&D laboratories and academic institutions, Terragon is building unique, world-class talent.

Unrivaled Marketing solutions

With 4 mobile technology patents filed and unique marketing solutions and capabilities, Terragon is fueling Businesses’ growth and helping them gain and maintain competitive advantage.