Terragon Group

Consumer-centric platform, for Africa’s mobile-first market

Driving growth for Enterprises through robust consumer intelligence and data enrichment, powered by Telcos and other data supply partners.

More than just a MarTech tool

Improving performance metrics and business outcomes

Achieve not just marketing, but business KPIs in the shortest time with hyper-targeted, data- powered marketing; guaranteed to retain customers more efficiently and prevent churn.

ML and AI capabilities

ML (Machine learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered capabilities enable continuous A/B testing, predictive analytics, predictive scoring, look alike model creation and audience segmentation; which delivers more intelligent marketing.

Digital Advertising without 3P cookies

Facebook Conversions API solution, built into the platform to enable secure, privacy compliant server to server connection for effective targeting, attribution and personalisation of digital advertising, without third party cookies.

Bespoke Integrations

Platform is adaptable to a wide range of Tech stack systems, so businesses can maintain their existing system but gain much needed consumer insights needed for business intelligence.

Platform Components

Always-on data ingestion, unification, enrichment, analytics and activation.

Data Ingestion

Zero and first party customer data is invaluable. It is consented, accurate, has the highest efficacy and is the first step towards “personalized” customer engagement.

Terragon’s Enterprise CDP integrates with various systems, platforms and touchpoints for persistent data ingestion and real-time aggregation of fragmented customer profiles and behavioral data. It also features data collection modules to help Enterprises gather and build a robust customer database.

This allows for more effective retention tactics such as product recommendations, cross-selling and upselling.

Data Unification and Enrichment

Through cleansing and deduplication processes, aggregated customer data is unified to present a holistic and persistent, single source of truth for each consumer profile.

Direct integrations to Telco, web publishers and other data supply partners provide additional data points to each unified customer profile, to give an enhanced and more accurate view of the customer and their behavior.

Unified data is what provides the insights on customer behavior, channel preferences and customer journey, required to improve retention and increase LTV.

Insights and Segmentation

Leverage over 30 data attributes to gain unparalleled insights garnered from unified customer data, to identify what motivates consumers to take certain actions (or not) and for a more accurate audience segmentation.

This allows for more effective retention tactics such as product recommendations, cross-selling and upselling.

Data Activation

Leverage our online and offline activation channels, including the most pervasive mobile channels in Africa – SMS and WhatsApp, to connect to consumers in more meaningful ways, at scale.

Use data and insights to personalize messaging and engagement channels to increase chances of conversion.

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