Terragon Group

Accelerate digital and business growth

Target the right customers with the right message at the right time, using the right channels.

Improve the performance metrics and results that matter to you

Gain as high as 30% CTR for your marketing campaigns, when you have the right digital strategies in place; achieve more website visits, phone calls, whatsapp chats, store visits and more.

Cut through the clutter and acquire the customers you want

With unparalleled consumer reach on mobile, 30+ data points and segmented audience buckets, your chances of conversions are much higher.

Partnership for business growth through digital transformation

Providing relevant tools, superior performance, support, training and knowledge transfer to support organizations’ digital transformation objective, irrespective of digital maturity level.

Improve acquisition performance with effective lookalike audience creation

Well trained Machine Learning (ML) algorithms identify profiles with similar characteristics to our ideal customers, reducing your acquisition custis and improving your campaign performance.

Start offering your customers a better communication experience