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Terragon as a WhatApp BSP (Business Solution Provider) has direct integrations into WhatsApp to allow D2C multimedia customer engagement opportunities for businesses.

Benefits of the WhatsApp Business API


Deployment of high-volume campaigns, with bots for automated customer engagement and support; with the option of hand off to human support agents.

Multiple use cases

Interactive multimedia promotional and marketing, and API Integration to third-party platform eg websites, CRM, inventory management systems etc.

Promotional Messaging

To opted-in customers for promotions in addition to customer service and transactional messaging.

Automated Interaction

Customized message template and buttons for pre-set options and immediate, automated responses.

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WhatsApp Business Solution

WhatsApp is an additional channel to SMS, email and Facebook, available for customer data activation on TerragonPrime.

Let WhatsApp Business API help you identify target audiences and deliver personalised recommendations.

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