Terragon Group

Unlocking additional revenue streams for data controllers and brands

Working with Data controllers to realize the revenue potential of their data assets.

A visual illustration on data monetization

Data management partnerships to unlock additional value and power intelligent marketing to consumers

Our secure data platforms enable data controllers such as Telcos to realise the revenue potential of their existing data while providing relevant Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) – powered insights and recommendations, needed by Brands and Digital Agencies for effective customer acquisition and retention campaigns.

Big data processing for actionable consumer insights

Data is only as useful as its recency and veracity. Data partners like Telcos and web publishers provide the most valuable data sets on consumer demography, behavior, interest and touch points for meaningful engagements.

Data Protection and Security

Customer data is fully encrypted and anonymised. Personal Identifiable Information (PII) made totally unavailable to platform users.

Plug into a platform with “demand-ready” Enterprises

To satisfy consumers’ demand for personalized engagements, Businesses are plugged into Terragon’s data-driven marketing solutions; ready to leverage data and insights to better connect with their customers.

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Secure and reliable on-premise or cloud hosting services

Our data platforms are securely hosted by globally renowned companies to ensure scalability, reliability and availability of data.

Secure, encrypted and anonymised customer data. Privacy compliant!

Terragon Audience Profile (TAP) as our platform UID, provides an added layer of security with complete anonymization and encryption of PII (Personal Information Identifiers).

Start offering your customers a better communication experience