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Optimise Facebook campaigns without third party cookies

Secure, server-to-server API connection to personalize, attribute and optimize facebook campaigns

Leverage the most visited website in most of Africa, to reach consumers online

With over 210 million monthly active users in Africa, Facebook is one of the most significant Marketing and Advertising platforms for Businesses on the Continent.

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Capture and translate customer behavioral data into actionable personalized engagement.

Websites are now more than just a campaign destination, Businesses can better understand customer behavior through website interactions and tailor messaging and engagements to improve conversions.

Research has shown that when clicks rather than conversion data is used for optimisation, Ad campaign costs skyrocket by 1.5X (i.e. If a $1,000 monthly ad spend previously achieved 5,000 registration/sign-ups, it will now cost at least $1,500 to achieve the same result)



Full-Funnel Visibility

Businesses can track and collect a wider variety of data than what is being captured by pixels, including offline events eg instore events.

Accurate Data Sharing

Conversions API server-to-server data transfer to the Facebook Ad server is more accurate as Advertisers don’t have to worry about data getting lost due to browser crash or ad blockers; CAPI can still track conversions.

Enhanced Data Control

Advertisers (Businesses) have more control over what events they share and when, relevant to their business objectives; unlike pixels which sends all events in real-time.

Set-up your Facebook Conversion API in 3 simple steps

Get set-up in 24 hours in 3 simple steps. Watch our tutorial below.

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