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How understanding customer behaviour can increase your sales

Ever sat down to consider why customers buy from you? To create better value for any business, it is important to understand why customers make their purchasing decision. Today’s customers are more…

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Creating a data driven strategy that works for 2019.
Influencer marketing & advertising is increasing in popularity, giving celebrities the chance to win more businesses, while brands continue to neglect core marketing skills and leverage on in-house expertise. In this competitive...
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What you probably don’t know about Data & MarTech
First, we must start by pointing out what makes Data & MarTech differ from AdTech. AdTech (Advertising Technology) comprises the conventional pillars of digital marketing – campaigns, display ads and search-engine marketing...
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Marketing Trends to Look out for in 2019.
Nigeria remains in the lead of the most mobile people in the world. About 37% of Nigerians access the internet via their mobile devices. This offers brands an increased opportunity for brand-consumer...
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