There is a Prime for Everyone.

Financial Services
Drive customer intelligence, product adoption and market share efficiently

Reach and engage with customers on a first-party basis with highly personalised experiences.

Boost online sales with robust customer intelligence.

Betting & Gaming
Drive player acquisitions, deposits and retention cost-efficiently

Scale your customer base and transaction volumes with ease.

Subscription services
Acquire, upsell and cross-sell subscribers with data-driven solutions.

Explore Prime features below

Build your own custom audience from internal and external sources.
Aggregate your customer data from online and offline sources.
Smart Survey
Run USSD or web based surveys to existing or non-customers for consumer feedback, market research, etc. Responses are capped by your price plan. Once you reach your plans limit, your survey will be disabled from collecting more responses and you will be notified to stop distribution. Survey participants will be captured as YOUR profiles, and contribute to your total stored CDP profiles as allowed by your active plan.
Facebook CAPI
Capture website events originating from Facebook such as site visits, lead generation, sales conversion, etc. via a server-2-server API connection to allow effective reporting, custom audience building, and user data capture into your CDP for future use.
Manual Profile Upload
Manually upload profiles/contacts to your CDP from a CSV or TXT file, using our 64bit encryption service portal. Uploaded data will remain on your CDP and available for enrichment.
Enrich existing profiles, gain deep insights, create look-alike models, generate product
recommendations and build intelligent audience segments.
Profile Enrichment
Enrich your captured or uploaded data with multiple perspectives. Default perspectives include data validation for active or in-active/incorrect data, demography (age group & gender), geography (up to LGA), Behaviour (network, device type, purchase history, etc.), Psychography (Interests) and economic group (SEC). Additional perspectives available on request.
Audience Insights
Query our entire database for insights on African consumers using a combination of one or more perspectives, and identify the addressable market size for your product or service.
Lookalike Modelling
Use our ML and AI solutions to build look-alike audiences, select the degree of accuracy to determine modelling strength, and create expanded custom audiences for your campaigns.
Audience Builder
Create audience segments based on manually uploaded or captured profiles, from Terragon’s data or from stored lookalike audiences, and enable them for activation via TerraConnect channels.
Preset Segments
We’ve built preset segments for your most popular audiences such as online shoppers, students, active borrowers, HNIs, Bettors, etc. so you can simply select and activate them for acquisition.
Reach and engage defined audiences across mobile channels – online or offline –
for acquisition and retention.
SMS Campaigns
SMS campaigns delivered to defined audience segments, or rule-based messages triggered by pre-defined criteria such as day-part, user actions, etc. Messages can contain a system generated url for conversion measurement and attribution.
Send templated promotional messages to your customers and lead databases to promote new products, services, locations etc. Power your conversations with friendly bots to boost engagement and conversion.
Compose and deploy light email campaigns to uploaded or pre-defined audience segments with email addresses, and measure open rate and engagement rates.
Reach and engage uploaded or available users via Facebook and Instagram Ads directly on the Terragon Prime (powered by Facebook Marketing API). Create campaigns from scratch and target audience segments built on your CDP.
Build bespoke solutions for deeper consumer engagement
Reward consumers instantly with airtime, data or virtual goods when they participate in surveys, consumer promotions (On-pack, UTC, etc) or other forms of engagement. Prizes will need to be pre-funded and external technical integrations may be required.
Sponsored content
Sponsor websites, pages or content (video, music, games, etc) so that consumers don’t spend their airtime or data, and can access the content with zero balance to increase your reach and content consumption.
Gain access to a set of tools and APIs that makes it easy for enterprises to apply gamification for rapid and sustainable growth in transactions and revenue.
Get optimal support to drive your success with Prime.
Knowledge Base
Access our robust knowledge base to learn how to use the platform, solve simple issues and get responses to FAQs. The KB is updated frequently.
Email (Response time)
Get email support within 24 hours or less from our success or engineering teams.
Live Chat
Chat with a support agent via the web chat for real time support from 8am – 6pm, Monday to Friday.
Telephone Support
Request telephone support from 8am – 6pm, Monday to Friday.
Remote Assistance
Get live scheduled support full screen sharing and control for fast technical resolutions.
Technical Buddy
Get dedicated support for training and technical support at a time that’s convenient for you.
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