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Terragon and Facebook Supporting and Celebrating African Businesses

OCTOBER 15, 2021

Here’s how we work to support businesses in Africa to deliver innovative solutions, helping them drive growth on the continent, and ultimately changing the narrative of “Africa” and “African businesses” positively, one business at a time.

Amplifying the Reach of Black Businesses in Africa

Terragon is proud to leverage our marketing technology solutions to power some of Africa’s most impactful businesses – SMBs and large enterprises alike. Working to help Businesses in Africa intelligently engage with African consumers to deliver more meaningful experiences through innovative solutions and key partnerships is at the heart of what we do.

Being at the center of Africa’s ever growing digital revolution, we are proud to work with Facebook to help hundreds of businesses across the continent, proudly unleash their potential through the power of data and insights.

With the TerragonPrime “Basic” Plan, Businesses will get 100 inclusive SMS and WhatsApp Messages to send to your customers, along with $150 Facebook Ad credits to get your business the attention it deserves for free. 

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Forging the future of Africa’s marketers

Our accelerator program has been designed from the ground up to take advantage of our immense marketing knowledge, focused operational infrastructure, strategic relationships, networks and investment – to support  businesses in Africa with access to a wealth of resources helping them go to market easily and much faster.

Our operational playbooks help aspiring businesses understand and navigate through the complex landscape of legal, sales, marketing, technology and pan-African expansion. Enriching our content even further, we have worked with Facebook to create a quick start guide in launching your go to market campaigns with ease – including the Facebook solutions – WhatsApp and Facebook Conversions API.

[Email accelerate@terragonltd.com to Find out more about the Terragon Accelerator Program]

Recognising bussineses in Africa

Here’s what Francis Obiajulu, Digital & Data Driven Marketing Manager, Nigerian Breweries Plc, one of our Enterprise CDP Customers had to say, after winning an award from the Global Heineken Office, along side 15 other OpCos:

“As a key African OpCo of the Heineken brand, our ability to work with other Regional offices to deliver on set goals in terms of KPIs was fully hinged on our understanding of the market landscape within which we operate and a deep understanding of our consumers. When we think of being able to fulfil our consumers’ expectation of delivering personalized engagement, we could not afford to ignore or downplay the “mobile-first” perspective of the African consumer.

 And so when we sought a Consumer Data Platform (CDP) vendor, it was critical for us to work with a partner with a marketing technology solution made for Africa. This means that features and functionalities such a Telco Integration for access to relevant customer data, ability to collect and enrich profiles, availability of offline (SMS and USSD) and online (WhatsApp) activation channels for consumer engagement as well as a solution for effective digital advertising without 3rd party cookies (such as the Facebook Conversions API) were non-negotiable. Special thanks to our technology partner Terragon Group. Looking forward to achieving more feats together.”

The International School of Advertising(ISA), Kenya is one of the SMBs who have adopted the Facebook Conversions API solution. Susan Makau, the Managing Director has this to say: 

“we typically run lead generation campaigns via other platforms, but we are excited to use the Facebook Conversions API solution on the Terragon CDP, which allows us carry out our campaigns securely and efficiently without third party cookies, which is set to be phased out in 2023”

Made in Africa for Africans

Terragon is  committed to championing the growth of the small and medium sized business sector – the engine room of innovation which drives development in Africa, accounting for about 90% of economic growth through job creation, employment and GDP contribution. Through provision of solutions tailored specifically for SMBs in Africa, we are able to deliver technology that helps their business grow and connect with customers, on mobile, with every touch-point. 

With Terragon and Facebook helping you to be represented, SMBs can create and deliver richer digital experiences for their customers.

Find out how Terragon and Facebook can make it all happen.