Terragon Group

Real-Time Insight Generation in the Next Normal

JULY 3, 2020


There is no doubt that the outbreak of COVID-19 has significantly impacted global economies, swaying stock prices and engulfing markets in a cloud of uncertainty. In addition to the human, societal and economic effects, one major fallout of the pandemic has been a shift in consumer interactions and continuous change in consumer behaviour.

Many analysts have predicted that things cannot return to how they were pre-covid and as such, the world is speedily approaching a next normal. These trends that have defined the COVI-19 era will likely be the characteristics of the next normal.

Now more than ever, businesses need clear insights to survive in the next normal. With restrictions to physical gatherings and a shift in consumer interactions, how then do you generate real-time market and consumer insight for your business?

In this session, we discussed real-time insight generation in the next normal, exposing attendees to winning strategies and how they can leverage technology to generate accurate insights for their brands.