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As The Cookie Crumbles: The Customer Truly Becomes King

SEPTEMBER 30, 2020


In the last few months, consumers have steadily developed new behaviours due to the far-reaching impact of COVID-19. With no prior preparation for the pandemic, brands have now begun to relook their strategies while focussing on makeshift plans as a reactionary measure.

Customers now demand unique and compelling experiences in light of current realities. They expect that brands know who they are, where they are, what they need, what they like, what they can afford, etc.

Only recently, Google announced its plan to phase out support for third-party cookies –another huge blow to brands in their desire to deliver compelling customer experience.

Despite the many challenges, customer experience remains an integral part of marketing, especially when thinking long term. Hence the ability to deliver unique and compelling customer experience will differentiate leaders from laggards in the next normal.

In this webinar, our panel of experts discussed how brands and business leaders can deliverunique compelling customer experience leveraging technology.