Terragon Group

Launch digital campaigns with the convenience of a user-friendly platform and easy payment options.

Accelerate business growth; reach and acquire more customers intelligently, at lower costs.

Higher marketing impact with fewer clicks

Fully optimized for mobile and user friendly software for business owners new to digital advertising or experienced. Set up and launch targeted campaigns in just a few clicks.

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Simplified bundled payment

Limited payment friction; bundled with existing billing system, depending on partner industry such as airtime for telco-partner subscribers; for easy budgeting and decision making.

Localized customer support

To enable micro-businesses make the most of their ad spend with guided campaign creation, 1:1 live chat, live & on-demand demo videos as well as post-campaign evaluation

Multi-channel consumer reach

Advertising to online consumers on channels including Facebook and reaching even more offline profiles via targeted SMS.

Improve your campaign experience across channels with TerragonPrime Lite