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Nigerian Breweries enriches customer first-party data with Terragon CDP


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The need for Nigerian Breweries to build a robust database of customers, gain deeper insights and deliver personalised engagements to customers, to increase LTV and prevent churn.


This was done through the Terragon Enterprise CDP; our enterprise software that aggregates, unifies, enriches and activates customer first-party data for large enterprises.

Impact of Terragon’s offering

  • Winners of the “CONNECTED TEAM” award, presented by the Global Heineken Office.
  • Data Gathering and Community Building of over 1 million profiles:
    First-Party Data is now being gathered via mobile channels (USSD and SMS) at activation events and is ingested into the CDP, building a robust customer database of all consumers that engage with the brand.
  • Enrichment and Insights:
    The Brand is now able to gain insights into their customers beyond their walled garden, allowing them to improve CX through relevant messaging, drive footfall to specific locations and much more.
  • Connected Events:
    Via the CDP, the Brand is now able to engage with customers directly on mobile (online and offline), keeping them updated on new product launches, sales, upcoming events and other activities.