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Marketing Trends That Will Impact Businesses in 2023

DEC 16, 2022

Marketing Trends That Will Impact Businesses in 2023

The past few years have seen a major change in how Businesses communicate with their customers, connect with them and grow. 2022 especially saw the rise in Creators using engaging social channels to connect with niche audiences and building brands from the scratch through audience targeting on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

As we approach 2023, most companies are already mapping out their marketing strategies for the new year while smarter ones are searching for the latest trends to quickly adopt to maximize their results and impacts for years to come. Stay ahead of the curve on some of the trends defining marketing to help your business achieve success.

Cross-Channel Marketing

Brands that engage with people across multiple channels see a “287% higher conversion rate” and “achieve nearly “90% customer retention” according to Wordstream. This means that cross-channel marketing can boost your revenue and brand loyalty over time. Cross-channel marketing combines various marketing channels to create a coordinated customer journey for your target audience. Today’s consumers have more power than ever, and knowing the best platforms to meet them helps you understand their needs, build relevant engagements and create the best experience for them at each step of their journey.

Cross-channel marketing for your business would mean 

  • mining high quality data for better insight
  • increased engagement
  • optimized customer journey leading to more conversion
  • strong customer relationship

What next? Leveraging multiple marketing channels gives you additional visibility that helps drive a stronger brand and customer loyalty. Data-powered marketing platforms like TerragonPrime enable multi-channel customer engagement on mobile on offline and online channels  Learn more

Short Videos

If you haven’t already started creating short video contents for your business, then you’re not milking your marketing potential enough. Video contents raise the online profile of businesses and according to DemandMetric, “83 percent of marketers say that video is essential to business growth”. Customers will naturally choose a product over again if they understand what it does and the value it provides and one way to ensure this is by creating video contents explaining each of your product or offering. This 1 minute video describing TerragonPrime and its benefits is a great example of how video content can be used to effectively educate potential customers about a product. 

What’s next? Start creating video content about your product (new or existing), and use TerragonPrime to target users who are online or use smartphones capable of downloading and viewing your content over the internet.

The Gen Z Magic

Gen Zs are the newest generation making waves in the marketing space. This generation are the first to have fully grasped major trends on the internet and the way they navigate and interact online keeps evolving. Born between 1997 to 2012, Gen Zs constantly look out for dynamic and highly visual platforms like YouTube, Tiktok and Instagram, to meet their ever-changing needs in new and innovative ways and this has in many ways defined marketing. TikTok, Instagram and YouTube creators have been instrumental to the rise of many African beauty brands like Topicals Skincare amongst others.

What’s next? Thrivemyway says that ”72% of Gen Z buyers are involved in the household purchasing processes by their parents” and being conscious of the Gen Z need and interest while developing marketing strategies in 2023 is key to creating relevant messaging and connection with them on a deeper level. If your product appeals to this generation, then you should intensify your customer engagement efforts. Respond swiftly to enquiries, try out various interactive content to keep them engaged (see blog post on gamification), and use eye-catching, visual content leveraging platforms like YouTube, Tiktok and Instagram.

Customer Experience 

By now, you must be used to the popular saying “Customers are always right”. In a rapidly changing world where technology is defining how businesses grow, it is only logical to keep up with technological trends by infusing them into customer experience and relationships. Customer experience is the impression your customers have of your brand and techjury reveals that “73% of customers agree that customer experience helps to drive their buying decision”. Additionally, there is an “80% increase in revenue for businesses that focus on improving customer experience”. By offering unique customer services across different types of communication you can significantly improve customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, traffic, sales, and ultimately, business revenue. 

What next? Your customer experience strategy in 2023 should include personalized engagements with relevant messaging, offering and channels, based on data and insights (see blog post on driving personalized customer experience). Personalized messaging on TerragonPrime allows businesses to actively reach and engage with customers on a large scale from over 100 million profiles available on the platform. Get started.