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ISA, Kenya runs effective targeted campaigns without third party cookies


Platform Modules


The need for the International School of Advertsing (ISA), Kenya to run effective digital advertising campaigns without third party cookies, in light of its imminent demise, is scheduled for the end of 2023.


This was done using Facebook Conversions API via the Terragon Enterprise CDP; our enterprise software that aggregates, unifies, enriches and activates customer first-party data for large enterprises.

Impact of Terragon’s offering

With a direct server to server integration through the Conversions API, the ISA, Kenya is now able to:

  • Track events on their website (page views and form completion)
  • Use relevant event data needed for specific objectives such as lead generation, to run targeted campaigns directly on Facebook, totally independent of third party cookies.
  • Optimise their campaign and realise the significant impact.