Terragon Group

Over 75% match rate, with superior 1st party data enrichment capabilities

Enabling informed business decisions, driven by high recency and valuable consumer insights.

Know your Customer (KYC)

Deepen your understanding of prospects and existing customers beyond your environment with rich and contextual data to minimize risks as well as drive product adoption.

Better segmentation for superior marketing campaign performance

Providing additional, valuable data for accurate segmentation, allows Businesses realize high-performance and cost-efficient campaigns. Higher conversions and sales are achieved when businesses speak to the right audience.

Identify and target valuable customer profiles

Take advantage of the 100+ million profiles available on Terragon’s Data platforms to reach potential customers with higher propensity for your product uptake, based on your ideal customer profile.

Elevate CX for retention and Brand loyalty

Personalize customer engagement by cross selling or upselling relevant solutions to increase retention and lifetime value.

Lead Scoring to improve “lead to sale” ratio

Populate web forms with additional attributes and classify leads according to their value and level of engagement, in order to allocate resources and efforts towards leads with the highest buying intent and product fit for higher conversions.

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Mobile Transactional Activity

Customer Value


Monthly subscription and Pay-as-you-go pricing available.