As a Small or Medium Business owner in Africa, you are faced with several challenges such as access to funds, lack of infrastructure (e.g. power) and unfavourable government policies (e.g. multiple taxation) while still tasked daily with increasing sales, providing quality customer service, and marketing – a critical aspect of any business required to drive growth.

 When it comes to marketing you want to make sure you’re getting the most value out of every dime spent; meaning you need to be able to reach your specific target audience to drive sales, automate your marketing process to increase productivity, understand your customers better in order to personalize your message and communication channels to gain higher conversions as well as predict future behavior based on historical data. But like most small and medium businesses, this can be a daunting task without the right tools. 

 With Terragon Prime, an enterprise-grade marketing platform, small and medium-sized businesses in Africa can now deliver personalized customer engagement and improve their customer acquisition and retention campaign performances.

Here are six reasons why you should use Terragon Prime

  1. Automate your marketing operations:

Businesses can upload their customer data stored in various locations such as your sales book, phone contacts, feedback forms, etc. unto one secure, always accessible location – our cloud-based marketing platform.

The TerragonPrime dashboard allows you to visualize your customers and their attributes such as their age range, what mobile operator they are on, their device type, customer value etc. These are details that will help you segment them, tailor your messaging accordingly as well as cross-sell and up-sell other products and services.

  1.   Access to over 105 million profiles for customer acquisition:

Our direct telco integration and data supply partners give us access to millions of profiles which are segmented based on data points such as gender, age range, location, interest, mobile device type, etc. This allows Businesses run more cost-effective, hyper-targeted campaigns to their specific audience, thereby increasing conversions.

  1. Pre-set and custom audience:

Pre-set audience availability takes the guesswork out of targeted marketing campaigns. The advantage of having access to “pre-set audiences” means a shorter time to reach specific audiences. For instance, a boutique can reach a “fashion” audience; a betting company can reach both “betting” and “football” audience; while a Bank offering micro loans can reach “SMBs”.

Therefore, with or without a customer database, businesses can gain access to potential customers with a very high chance of conversion because there are already established potential customers to reach.

Customers can also build a custom audience bucket for activation based on specific data sets relevant to their industry or service, such as gender, location, customer value, device type and interest.

  1. Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities:

These capabilities are what produces deep customer insights useful for Business intelligence and can give businesses a significant advantage over their competition. 

Tested algorithms power the look-alike modeling feature which allows businesses to expand their customer base by leveraging the single customer view of your ideal customer to identify profiles similar to your existing customers, with a higher propensity to convert.

  1. Facebook CAPI (Third-party cookie alternative):

With 3rd party cookies going extinct this year, digital ad performances and conversions will be adversely affected and costs of customer acquisitions will skyrocket. Facebook Conversions API is a solution which allows businesses to effectively personalize, target, measure and attribute digital campaigns for improved performance without third party cookies. 

It allows businesses to understand customer behaviours by tracking their actions on the business’ website such as page views, add to cart, purchases etc and send these events directly and securely to the Facebook ad server to optimize ad campaigns. 

This solution is available on the TerragonPrime platform. 

  1. Robust, user-friendly platform: 

One MarTech Platform for all your marketing needs. You don’t need to invest in different marketing platforms to carry out Data-Driven marketing. TerragonPrime combines the power of a Customer Data Platform (CDP) and multi-channel activation feature to allow you to upload and aggregate data from various sources, have it unified, enriched and activated across offline and online channels. 

Terragon Prime is a self-serve marketing application that is easy to understand and navigate, with a knowledge base for support or guidance on how to use the platform, solve simple issues and get responses to FAQs. 

Growth through customer and revenue increase is the primary objective of every Business, and with a data and marketing technology platform such as TerragonPrime, businesses can now leverage a cost-effective cloud-based system which gives them the intelligence, access to profiles as well as capability to reach their target consumers on mobile. 

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