1000+ SMEs activated on  TerragonPrime marketing platform in less than a month.

…As Product gets additional features.

“As a founder of a hardware tech startup and running a digital agency called ‘Every Man Technologies’, I can attest that I’m exposed to some of the best and latest industry tools for my business. TerragonPrime is currently one of the best tools for mobile marketing and I am pleased with the conversion I got from running my first campaign. I closed two deals out of which we generated significant income to plough back into our marketing and promotional activities.”

Those are words from business owner Alexander Oseji, who ran his first campaign on TerragonPrime platform a few weeks ago. He was one of the over 1,000 businesses who were given 5,000 free messages to get started on the platform.

On the platform’s ease of use and support he added, “Setting up my mobile marketing promotions was straightforward and easy especially because of the demo session I had with the TerragonPrime support team,” 

TerragonPrime is a cloud based multi-channel marketing platform, built to help businesses deliver data-driven, “intelligent” and cost-effective offline (SMS) and online (WhatsApp) customer engagements. Since launch in February of this year, a number of improvements have been made to the platform to continue to ease onboarding and improve CX such as mobile rendering which increased usage by 35%, implementation of default sender ID which cut out 24 hours approval wait time for clients to run campaigns, and more.

Terragon strategically partners with Telcos to provide businesses the “intelligence” needed to run targeted campaigns, leverage segmented audiences and reach consumers directly on mobile for more impactful marketing campaigns; through the TerragonPrime platform.

Businesses with existing databases have been able to improve productivity and reduce costs by taking advantage of the cloud-based platform for customer data management. A business owner can now reach specific audiences for personalised engagement such as sending Happy Mother’s day to female customers, thereby building stronger relationships and building loyalty.

Businesses without robust customer databases have found the over 115 million profiles on the platform, which have been segmented by interests (bettors, fashion lovers, salary earners etc) and data points (age, gender, location device type etc) extremely useful in running customer  acquisition campaigns. Another platform user, Chukwuemeka Kema, Founder/CEO, Bunkr (a retail company) stated: It was the first time I was seeing the high CTR rate (9.67%) of SMS fused with the micro-targeting capabilities of social media advertising, into an awesome tool for driving sales.”

What does the next phase of the platform look like?

Partnerships will be a major driver in the next phase of the platform. There are already ongoing conversations with SMB aggregaators in Nigeria such as leading banks and financial institutions across the country, SMB consultants and other aggregators, to make the platform available to their SMB base as a technology solutions partner. In the coming weeks, TerragonPrime will also launch in Kenya, where SMBs make up 98% of all businesses in the East-African country, contributing 40% to the country’s GDP

The goal is to have businesses on the platform have the same experience and expectation as Mr. Kema, when he declared “After the first campaign we ran, I instantly knew our digital marketing campaign was going to be built around Terragon service for the high marketing ROI potential of the platform. Really excited for all the things TerragonPrime can empower Bunkr to do in the future.”

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