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MTN Mobile Survey Solution

MTN Mobile Survey is a solution that delivers a survey to targeted subscribers using information sourced from already profiled Telco customer sets and reward them with free mobile airtime when the survey is completed.

The survey is delivered via USSD to a targeted subscriber base in accordance with defined selection criteria from brands/enterprises such as age, gender, customer spend, location, etc. Respondents who complete the survey earn free mobile airtime while the brands receive survey feedback and market insight based on their needs.

How does it work?

Survey questions are created on the platform based on the set criteria (location, age, sex, etc) from the brand.

Survey are pushed to targeted users via USSD.

Users answer the survey questions and are rewarded.

Respondent answers are collated, analyzed and sent to clients (eg. Brands).

Benefits to Brand

Identify new market opportunities.

Get customer’s reactions to new or existing products.

Minimize risk.