Powering and enabling connections and transactions

African Reach and Scale

In a nascent internet market like Africa where aggregate internet penetration is below 50%, the best media plans don’t just focus on inventory but also on users.

At Terragon, we have invested heavily on tools, systems and algorithms to continuously ingest, analyze, and build predictive models to draw unique insights and intelligence to power performance determined by what ad to show to a user, the best time of the day to attempt billing and for what services.

We have engineered one of the largest real-time data and have built the most sophisticated mobile marketing technology ecosystem in Africa that helps all stakeholders to automate the entire advertising ecosystem across all inventory types, ad units and channels.

As pioneers, we thrive on disrupting the status quo and so, have constantly reimagined the future of advertising in Africa. We currently own and operate the richest mobile consumer dataset in Africa and we examine every inch of available data to capture everything we can about the users interacting with our platforms. We have achieved this feat by our unique understanding of the physics of every click and paying particular attention to the mechanics behind the metrics across all our platforms.

With server instances across data centers spanning multiple countries and continents, we deliver ads, content, and enable transactions of over 75M unique mobile subscribers across web and non-web channels. We have built a massively, scalable next-generation infrastructure to process terabytes of data daily and deliver millions of ads and process billions of transactions daily while ensuring a response time of less than 10ms.

We have spent the past 8 years building, localizing and optimizing products for the African market. We envision a future where the machines we build do most of the work of connecting brands to audiences while we just relax.

Largest inventory pool in Africa. All major exchanges connected. MNO channels activated.