Consumer Access

Widespread access to African consumers

Often described as the gateway to African consumers, we provide the greatest reach to African consumers through mobile. We reach millions of consumers through premium channels on web and non-web mobile network operator channels. Our products and services in this area include:


Our mobile advertising product, Adrenaline, has the ability to target granularly based on a combination of first party subscriber anonymised data (location, gender, billing and connection type etc.), second party data from the web and third party data from partner data vendors.
It is tailored to the needs of advertisers who want to reach a captive African audience on mobile which is the most effective advertising medium today.

Demand Side Platform

This proprietary platform automates the buying of advertising across several channels through one interface.

Programmatic Media Buying Services

Our automated method of buying digital advertising in real-time gives advertisers the opportunity to optimise their marketing spend by buying relevant audiences.

Predictive marketing

Marketers need deep insights and advanced algorithms to help solve problems before their customers are even aware of them. Our data management platform is a good first step to gain competitive advantage today, to predict customer needs with precision.

Dynamic creatives

Our comprehensive suite of ad formats including our banner and interstitial, brand cast, native and video ad units ensure users are engaged to guarantee high performance in the friendliest way.