An SMS-based raffle and lottery platform

Rifa is an SMS-based raffle and lottery platform that provides brands and businesses running consumer promos or campaigns. It’s unbiased random generator assists in helping the selection process and displays the numbers or variables in a fun and exciting format.


  • Plug n’ Play
  • End-to-End Automation
  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Instant reward mechanism
  • Automated raffle/draw process
  • Computerized random selection
  • Real-time and On time data retrieval
  • Third-party connectivity for real-time processing

Best Use Case


One of the top global FMCG brands wanted to run a national consumer promotion. The campaign goal was to make their product seen by consumers as their preferred match day drink.


Rifa was customized to solve the above problem through a predict & win process. It powered this campaign by choosing winners of airtime, cash prizes and by-the-second analysis of different English Premier League matches.

The platform was also robust enough to select weekly raffle draw winners.

Advantages of RIFA for the brand

Rifa helped in recruiting and re-recruiting total category of drinkers into the bold choice that the product represents by leveraging on the prizes won (cash & airtime). This in turn, helped in increasing sales for the brand, increased their market share and retained brand loyalty with customers.