Use Case

Customer Acquisition via App Installs


Bank D (Leading Nigerian Retail Bank)


To acquire 15,000 new customers through App Installs within a week.

Business Need

Customer acquisition through online & offline channels on the Bank’s digital application. Get customers to install, register and transact on the digital channel.


  1.  The ideal audience that fits the client’s vision for the product was identified.
  2.  Customer profiles fitting into the identified target audience were then segmented into audience buckets on the CDP
  3. Given the nature of the application, the customer journey was broken down into simple steps for ease tracking and simplicity.
  4.  A/B testing was carried out on these buckets on our offline channels to determine what features on the app best resonate with each audience also to test various incentives on curated buckets.
  5. Online channels were leveraged to connect with audiences while they performed other activities on their mobile devices.
  6. Data gathered from the experimentation was used to further optimize the campaign for even better results.


  • 19,500 App Installs
  • 3% Conversion rate
  • 30% Reduction in CPA
  • Increase in the level of awareness for the bank’s app amongst desired audiences.
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