Use Case

Niche Awareness And Sales Generation


Brand V- foremost dry cleaning and laundry brand in Africa.
Our client, a foremost dry cleaning and laundry brand in Africa, needed to drive brand awareness to highly targeted customer audiences that meet the brand’s HNI customer persona. Subsequently, the brand needed to convert awareness to customer purchases and increased sales per customer.


To grow the business’ revenues by increasing the monthly inflow of customers for its niche service.

Business Need

Our client, a leading Nigerian Retail Bank, needed to improve the Account Funding Ratio for retail customers, by lifting the high-income earners out of dormancy.


  1. Our customer success team spent quality time working with the brand to understand its ideal premium customer and how best to communicate to them; this
    was necessary given the nature of the market and the kind of service offered.
  2. Adhering to compliance regulations, data on existing customers was shared for data profiling and look-alike modeling on the CDP.
  3. Look-alike models were further examined to ascertain the best channels of communication.
  4. Online and offline channels were used because of the versatility of the target audience and the flexible channels of the communication that was created for
    ease of access.
  5. Every interaction with profiled audiences was fed back to the CDP for fresher insights, also to build the efficiency of the look-alike models.


  • 40 Customers acquired weekly
  • 2% Conversion rate
  • 33-80 number of new monthly customers added.
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