Use Case

Customer Acquisition


Bank B (Leading Nigerian Bank)


Acquire 10,000 USSD customers weekly.

Business Challenge

With the CBN introducing the financial inclusion programme, there was a huge opportunity for customer acquisition and increased market penetration. However, this opportunity was not fully exploited by the bank. With majority of the 60 million unbanked Nigerians offline, the bank needed to find a way to sell its USSD banking to this segment and recruit more customers, whilst achieving the financial inclusion mandate of the CBN.


  1. We identified the target audience that fit into the Bank’s vision for their USSD product.
  2. Customer profiles matching this target audience were then segmented for this campaign.
  3. Our machine learning model further qualified the individuals from this audience with the highest propensity to take up the Bank’s offer.
  4. Offline marketing channels were leveraged to easily access those individuals and also match the offline user journey of the Bank’s USSD channel.
  5. Every customer interaction generated, added fresher insights to the machine learning model, to continuously optimize performance.


We surpassed the bank’s target of 10,000 USSD Customers by recruiting 18,000 customers every week. We also achieved a 7% conversion rate and reduced the bank’s acquisition cost by 56%.
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