Strategy & Execution Manager

Full Time

The candidate will help determine the future direction of Terragon Group by identifying, planning and facilitating the organization’s strategy formulation.

Due Date: May 7, 2018

Internal Relationships

All Units & Departments

External Relationships

  • Key Responsibilities

    To gather data on the internal and external environment that will form the basis of assumptions that drive the development of strategic opportunities for the organization.

    Establish collaborative & trusting relationships with key stakeholders within the business to ensure that there is free flow of ideas across the business from bottom-up, and ensure the strategy formulation process is robust

    Plan and facilitate formal strategy sessions with the executive management team to agree on strategic objectives of the business

    Work with each head of department (HOD) in the business to distil the strategic objectives into key initiatives for their units

    Collate all the departmental strategic initiatives and build a comprehensive project plan with agreed timelines, key performance indicators (KPIs) and identified parties responsible for the execution

    Hold formal sessions with the entire organization to communicate the strategy

    Drive the use and effectiveness of the executive management dashboard that feeds live data on key performance indicators for the business

    Sit with each person in the organization responsible for the execution of strategic initiatives to get progress on workstream as well as understand the challenges that are currently being encountered.

    Update KPIs every 2 weeks by following up on people responsible for each activity

    Plan and drive the monthly strategy review meetings, gather all the resolutions reached, adjust the strategy project plan as required and follow-up on execution

    Send monthly Strategy Newsletter to the entire company on Wednesday after the monthly strategy review

    Hold an all-staff Strategy session once every quarter to share the highlights of progress against the strategy & call-out teams that have made a particularly big push

    Plan and facilitate a Mid-Year Strategy review session with leadership team to gauge the relevance strategy against possible change in assumptions, the external & internal environments

  • Job Requirements

    • A first degree in business administration, mathematics or social sciences

    • A first degree in business administration, mathematics or social sciences

    • 2 – 3 years’ experience in similar role, business management or management consulting

    • Proficient in the use of MS Excel

    • Excellent presentation skills

    • Experience engaging with senior management

    • Great client engagement & negotiation skills

    • Meticulous planner with keen attention to details

    • Good with understanding abstract concepts

  • Key Performance Indicators

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