DevOps Engineer

Full Time

As a DevOps Engineer, you’ll work collaboratively with software engineering to deploy and operate our systems. Help automate and streamline our operations and processes. Build and maintain tools for deployment, monitoring and operations. And troubleshoot and resolve issues in our dev, test and production environments.

Due Date: April 27, 2018

Internal Relationships


• Business Unit Executives

• Chief Financial Officer

• Executives/Managers, Digital Media

• Product Department

External Relationships

• Technical Partners

• Mobile Network Operators

• Vendors

  • Key Responsibilities
    • Participate in the processes of strategic project-planning meetings.
    • Providing their guidance and expertise on system options, risk, impact and costs vs. benefits.
    • Create and share their operational requirements and development forecasts to allow for timely and accurate planning of projects.
    • Coordinate work with other software development and infrastructure teams to incorporate product components in the final product
    • Responsible for developing and building IT solutions.
    • Install and configure solutions, implement reusable components, translate technical requirements, assist with all stages of test data.
    • Develop interface stubs and simulators and perform script maintenance and updates.
    • Build, release and configuration management of production systems
    • Holds regular status meetings with technology team and setting timelines for projects
    • Build automated deployments through the use of configuration management technology.
    • Deploy new modules and upgrades and complete fixes within the production and staging environments.
    • Make modules ready for production, which entails moving them according to specific procedures and documenting knowledge transfer.
    • Deploying, automating, maintaining and managing AWS cloud based production system.
    • Ensure the availability, performance, scalability and security of staging and production systems
    • Ensure routine application maintenance via strategy-building techniques.
    • Create requirements and procedures for implementing routine maintenance.
    • Troubleshooting existing information systems for errors and resolving those errors
    • Evaluate existing applications and platforms.
    • Give recommendations for enhancing performance via gap analysis, identifying the most practical alternative solutions and assisting with modifications.
  • Job Requirements
    • Bachelor’s Degree or in Engineering or equivalent
    • At least, 1 year of experience in managing Linux based infrastructure
    • Minimum of 1year of hands-on experience at least in one scripting language (Python & NodeJS preferably)
    • 1 year of hands-on experience with databases including MySQL, Mongo & Elastic search
    • Strong scripting (e.g. Python) and automation skills
    • Windows and Linux system administration.
    • AWS: 2+ years’ experience with using a broad range of AWS technologies (e.g. EC2, RDS, ELB, EBD, S3, VPC, Glacier, IAM, CloudWatch, KMS) to develop and maintain an Amazon AWS based cloud solution, with an emphasis on best practice cloud security
    • OO Programming Skills: Strong OO Programming skills (Python, Node or Java).
    • Agile Methodologies: Experience with Agile software development, project management methodologies.
    • Version Control: Experience administrating version control systems such as Git.
    • Networking: Understanding network topologies and common network protocols and services (DNS, HTTP(S), SSH, FTP, SMTP)
  • Key Performance Indicators

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