Digital Monitoring Tool

Real time data aggregation

Digital Monitoring Tool (DMT) is a real time data aggregation, reporting and analytics platform that helps in reaching customers or target audience via most accessible channels (SMS, USSD, etc.) in emerging markets


  • Plug n’ Play
  • Massive Reach
  • Customizable for specific usage
  • Real-time and On time data retrieval
  • Access via wide geographical location
  • Test and Trusted with over 5,000 transactions per minutes

Best Use Case


Annually, a significant chunk of some brand’s marketing spend across different industry verticals goes through outdoor promotions. Effective monitoring of the process has remained a major challenge despite the huge investment that goes into it yearly. The cause of this can be attributed to the following:

  • Human Factor – Collusion amongst Brand Ambassadors & Outlets
  • Wide geographical landscape of the country (Nigeria)
  • Cost – unable to physically audit 100% of outlets during or post the in-bar promotion/activation.


Application of the Digital Monitoring Tool will help in eradicating this error and tracking data in real time. The use of DMT will help in:

  • Confirmation of promoter in Outlets – Real-time and On-time.
  • Data capture of consumers sampled to reconcile drinks given out.
  • Swift and engaging solution which aided consumers to release their details.
  • Ability to track unique consumption.
  • More automated with less Human contact.