Ces 2016 lessons from las vegas

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the largest trade show in the world where technology companies show off their latest products. An extensive event which held in Las Vegas from January 6th to 9th 2016, has every year for over 40 years, served as the ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies. Truth is, CES is not just about electronics anymore. It is described as the second biggest event of the year for the marketing and ad industries, after Cannes.
This year, the show confirmed that the pace of change in advertising and consumer behavior continues to accelerate aggressively. CES in 2016 was more of an evolution than a revolution. Products were faster, thinner, cheaper, yet similar. It was also overrun with things for people to drive and ride, from self-driving cars, to electric scooters to techy automobiles.
TV, Smartphones and tablet screens got smarter. Cars continue to get new technology: BMW’s new AirTouch technology will let you navigate your car’s infotainment system using hand gestures.In all this, there was a dominant theme – Interconnectivity!The companies succeeding are those that are innovating and collaborating to solve real consumer needs, while staying true to a clear brand purpose. From artificial intelligence and cognitive computing, virtual reality and biometric sensing, to drone technologies, incredible opportunities abound.
The average consumer spends on average 10 hours a day consuming media, almost all of which are through electronic connected devices. It is therefore important to understand the latest trends in consumer electronics and media consumption as they have become essential for marketers.Here are key lessons marketers and advertisers can learn from CES 2016:

Virtual is getting more Real

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies had heavy presence. According to reports, the real winner this year in VR was ‘mobile VR’. It appears that 2016 will mark the year that VR and AR will get a balance. 2016 will be the year when they actually make their breakthrough as mainstream technology.
Though gaming seemed to take centre stage at this year’s show, there is massive potential when it comes to medicine, travel, sports, fashion, entertainment, and the likes, with the introduction of new ad formats. Using VR technology for marketing purposes was one of the most discussed topics in the marketing components of CES.

More Screens for Smart Homes

Homes are more intelligent and connected than ever before; A mattress with sensors embedded below it that tracks user’s heart rate, sleeping, and waking periods, and then feed them all into an app to help raise the user’s SleepIQ; Even a robotic bartender?! Yikes!!

Home appliances are getting smart, networked and equipped with ever larger screens. Samsung’s Smart Fridge, which lets you see what’s in your fridge remotely from your mobile phone, contains a 21-inch touchscreen in its door, featuring full tablet functionality including apps and a web browser – yet another platform that will be interesting for marketers.

Fancy a Self-Driving Car for yourself?

Traditional internal combustion engine cars are getting driving assistance and even self-driving autonomy. This is going to be the most sought after component in new vehicles, and car companies are determined to make their upcoming vehicles as tech friendly as possible. Traditional dashboards are being replaced by complex panels.
It might be hard to envisage when self-driving cars will become a mass market item, but the impact on the media industry could be quite profound. Commute time will become available for even more screen-based media consumption. Combining that with the mobility of a car, it would be interesting to see the kind creative media content and advertising that would arise from this.


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