The concept of Data-Driven Marketing, which involves the use of relevant customer and event/conversions data for planning and executing marketing campaigns,  has been touted as the future of Marketing, rightly so because it has proven to yield the most successful and cost-effective marketing campaign results, offering Advertisers better ROI and lower cost of customer acquisitions […]

Africa’s leading data and marketing technology company, Terragon, has been listed as a verified CDP company by the CDP Institute, having met the institute’s precise criteria for being added to its Directory as a RealCDPTM This was made known recently in an announcement by the CDP Institute after a rigorous audit and demo assessment of […]

The relationship between brands and consumers in today’s digital world has shifted. In the past, brands could easily define the message and pre-determine the pathway of the customer’s journey. However, with consumers’ embrace of multiple devices (mobile, email, web, POS etc) as interaction points, the journey is now a multi-dimensional, multi-platform customer journey. This means […]

First party Customer data is the most valuable data businesses own and is the starting point for any form of customer engagement. Now more than ever, the need for businesses to own and manage first-party data could be the difference between staying in business or going under. Customer behaviour is dynamic and ever-changing as well […]

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