What is Digital Transformation? According to Gartner, “Digitalization is the use of digital technologies to create a new — or modify an existing —  business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities”. For example, gone are the days when one had to have a physical retail store to sell products, eCommerce platforms such as […]

  As a Small or Medium Business owner in Africa, you are faced with several challenges such as access to funds, lack of infrastructure (e.g. power) and unfavourable government policies (e.g. multiple taxation) while still tasked daily with increasing sales, providing quality customer service, and marketing – a critical aspect of any business required to […]

Customers are the lifeblood of every business and their expectations of how Businesses should engage them is to deliver an “experience” not just a “transaction” – as they expect Businesses to know them, be aware of their user journey,  reach them via their preferred channels and even predict their wants through accurate recommendations. Yes, the […]

Offline/Online mobile phone subscription in Africa. Africa has a diverse population of 1.2bn people. According to GSMA, there were 850 million mobile subscriptions and only 300 million internet users in 2020. The GSMA also reports by 2021, there will be 500million mobile internet users in Africa – It is clear that Africa is still predominantly […]

Terragon started out as a VAS/mobile company and at the same time played in the agency space off the back of brands needing to connect with consumers in Africa and mobile being one of the most utilised forms of connectivity. We built an end-to-end agency from ground up, and specialised in delivering mobile marketing solutions […]

The ultimate goal for every digital marketer is “conversion” i.e. moving leads, prospects or potential customers down the marketing funnel, turning them into brand loyalists and advocates. Conversions happen when a site visitor or consumer carries out a desired “action”, as defined by the marketer or advertiser; In other words, simply getting someone to respond […]

The concept of Data-Driven Marketing, which involves the use of relevant customer and event/conversions data for planning and executing marketing campaigns,  has been touted as the future of Marketing, rightly so because it has proven to yield the most successful and cost-effective marketing campaign results, offering Advertisers better ROI and lower cost of customer acquisitions […]

Africa’s leading data and marketing technology company, Terragon, has been listed as a verified CDP company by the CDP Institute, having met the institute’s precise criteria for being added to its Directory as a RealCDPTM This was made known recently in an announcement by the CDP Institute after a rigorous audit and demo assessment of […]

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