Pepsodent #BrushBrush

Pepsodent #BrushBrush campaign


Pepsodent was initially not a well-known brand as it suffered in-brand salience prior to the campaign. Pepsodent Nigeria decided to make a difference by starting a movement advocating for people to brush day and night using the 2016 World Oral Health day as a pilot; increase market share and sales for the brand in Nigeria.

Our Solution

We identified that the brand’s target market has a high affinity with Facebook which gave birth to the online arm of the campaign idea. The #BrushBrush campaign was aimed at getting people to take their oral hygiene seriously by pledging to brush day and night.

We created a highly responsive website on mobile that was integrated on Facebook. The engagement process was broken down into two phases:
Three Step Plan – A three-week plan to get people to brush day and night. Participants were required to upload images on the Facebook tab showing them take the 2 Finger Pledge to Brush Day and Night.
Single Step Plan – A one-week plan which was made easier than the first. People were asked to join the movement of brushing day and night by liking the #BrushDayandNight posts across different platforms.


  • Ads served – 39,000,000
  • The #Brushbrush was seen on Twitter 123 million times
  • Clicks – 600,000
  • Youtube views – 250,000
  • Over 592,000 Single Step Pledges
  • Over 100,000 Multi-Step Pledges
  • Across every channel, over one million people pledged to brush day and night.
  • The overall campaign contributed largely to the success of this project as it made Pepsodent Nigeria emerge the first in the World Oral Health Day 2016 challenge both at the continental and global levels – gaining first place in Africa ahead of 9 countries and at the global stage, ranking number one out of 31 countries