FCMB’s Millionaire Promo 4

First City Monument Bank: Awareness and Customer Acquisitions


FCMB has been running a yearly promotion to drive account opening named FCMB Millionaire Promo. In 2017, the bank ran a campaign to encourage account opening by offering a chance to win 2,000,000 naira when you save 50,000 naira.

The two-in-one campaign required that we drive awareness for the Millionaire Promo (the campaign) and drive account opening.

Our Solution

To achieve the objective, we deployed innovative and engaging ad formats targeting the relevant websites the audience profiles visited, nudging the prospects along the customer journey from awareness, and then ending with account openings.

The prospects were served personalized offline ads relevant to their status at each point in the journey, using our Adrenaline platform


  • CTR: 1.2%
  • Conversion rate: 5.5%
  • 4,000 account openings bi-weekly
  • Over 6000 promo participations within the campaign period