Close Up; Make Your Move

Close Up; Make Your Move


We received a brief from Unilever to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase awareness for Closeup in the digital space by being the oral care youth brand that gives you the confidence to get closer
  • Engage and build real connection with the young population to grow loyalty and advocacy.
  • Inspire Closeup’s young target to get closer by giving them the confidence to express themselves on Valentine’s Day

Our Solution

  • We created an interactive platform to drive engagement among the target audience
  • The target audience uploaded a 30-sec video on the platform to #MakeAMove using a letter from A-Z. Each user had a unique code and is challenged to share move with a friend.
  • A “Make your move zone” was created in Nigerian universities to give students opportunities to express themselves. They were interviewed on: How to #BreakTheBarrier, How to #MakeThatMove and #ToothBrushDedication
  • An interactive video was activated on the engagement platform to drive talk from a direct audience and increase reach.


  • Gained over 2.3m views from In-stream ads and Mobile video ads.
  • Growing the page views from 2m to 4m in 3 months. 32.16% view rate at $0.01 CPC. On the average the 17 sec video was watch for 16 secs
  • Reached over 11m users on social media and over 2m accounts reached via the influencers
  • Over 100 entries of user generated content
  • Over 80k online views of the campus activation videos