Basic guidelines for an engaging digital campaign

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So you have joined the digital train and you are working hard to use all the channels available to you in favor of your business. But, are you getting the kind of traction you require? The thing about digital is about working smart not just hard.

A digital campaign that is direct, clear and actionable is on its path to becoming an engaging one. While this may seem vague, we will share with you 7 factors that, if considered and acted upon properly, are bound to set the stage for your highly engaging digital campaign.

  1. Identify your target market

Identifying your target audience correctly plays a big role in the success of a campaign as it helps how the content will be structured.  The focus of an engaging campaign should be on this group and appeal to them as this will make them more eager to participate. It is important to know what prompts them to make decisions as this will go a long way in the execution of this engaging campaign.

  1. Have a strategy

When planning a journey to a distant land, one needs a map for direction. In like manner, a detailed strategy has to be mapped out before the start of a campaign to narrow down the very last detail factors that will be responsible for its objectives. You do not want to spend a lot of time and money to put together a campaign that people will not interact with. You can also see ways of creating a successful Social Media Strategy here.

  1. Include a Call to Action

This is the main driver of the campaign. To ensure people engage with a campaign, there must be a clear cut out call to action. Let people that get to see your messages briefly know what it is all about and how better to engage with it. Want them to buy something, to understand something, share something? Let them know the purpose for the campaign at first glance.

  1. Share useful content in a simple way

When people see a campaign that tends to be too hard to crack, they may lose interest in getting involved. A large number of people that interact with a campaign stumble on it. They do not actively search for it. The message should be simple and not be too complicated for users to understand.

Hashtags, shares, likes and comments which are used to drive engagement should not be used excessively or else people lose the message you are trying to pass across. Using just one or two of these to pass across the message will guarantee more people getting involved.

  1. Get visual

The use of high quality videos, image, amongst other creative that users can relate to cannot be over emphasized. This is important as visually engaging content lead to a stronger impact among customers translating into higher Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA). An engaging visual will make a lasting impression on a customer’s mind.

  1. Encourage sharing

This is a measurement for an engaging campaign. If content of your campaign is not shared, it is a large indication that it is not engaging. You cannot take time to create content that only gather impressions. You also have to encourage them to share by ensuring the campaign has a built-in sharing feature.

  1. Keep them guessing

Because people interpret things in different ways, do not spell it all out. When they see the obvious answers, they just move on to the next intriguing happening. Keep their senses heightened and this will spark a higher level of engagement. Creating room for personal interpretation helps to make a campaign more creative and in some occasions viral, as people chip in their personal opinion and pass it around their circles to have a look at. This puts powers in the hands of the target market to do the work of spreading the news for you.

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