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TerragonPrime Affiliate Marketing Program

Earn money by activating Businesses on Africa’s leading indigenous customer engagement platforms.

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What you stand to benefit as an Affiliate

Additional revenue stream

Earn passive and recurring revenue. No limit to how many businesses you can activate. More activated businesses means more income.

Convenient and flexible work

100% Performance-based payment. Work at your pace and activate valuable Businesses within your zone and your circle.

Full Transparency

A tool to give you updates on the businesses you’ve activated and how much money you’ve made.

Why TerragonPrime is worth it

Businesses in Nigeria are projected to spend US$179.20m on digital advertising in 2022 (Statista).
TerragonPrime offers businesses a unique and effective channel with over 100million pre-segmented profiles, to carry out hyper-targeted and more intelligent customer engagement campaigns, on mobile.

Thousands of Businesses currently using TerragonPrime are benefiting from the following

100 million potential customer profiles

No other marketing platform has more Nigerian profiles that Businesses can promote their services to. Facebook (34 million users), Instagram (4 million users)

Unlimited, automated WhatsApp messaging

No longer being limited to groups of 512 contacts or 5 broadcasts. Reach and automate chats with unlimited customers.

Hyper-targeted campaigns with Segmented Audience

Target Gen Zs, millennials, fashion lovers, sports bettors, smartphone users, salary earners, and more.
Or by location, age, gender, economic classification etc.

Better campaign performance and higher ROI

Relevant and current consumer data ensures that Businesses are speaking to the right audience; elevating customer experience and driving better CTRs.

Intuitive, easy to use platform

Set up and launch campaigns in 3 simple steps. As simple as running campaigns on facebook or Instagram.

Payment structure

N500 for each business “activated”
(Businesses can run their first campaign on the platform with FREE 100 SMS – risk free!)

10% commission
on the amount the Business initially funds their account with.

5% commission 
on the subsequent amount the Business funds their account with, up to the 4th time.

Here’s an example of what Marketer A gains from activating only 4 different Businesses

Activation Activation Revenue 1st Deposit (10%) 2nd Deposit (5%) 3rd Deposit (5%) 4th Deposit (5%) 5th Deposit (5%) Total Revenue
Business A
50,000 (5,000)
50,000 (2,500)
50,000 (2,500)
50,000 (2,500)
50,000 (2,500)
Business B
100,000 (10,000)
100,000 (5,000)
100,000 (5,000)
100,000 (5,000)
100,000 (5,000)
Business C
1,000,000 (100,000)
1,000,000 (50,000)
1,000,000 (50,000)
1,000,000 (50,000)
1,000,000 (50,000)
Business D
0 (0)
0 (0)
0 (0)
0 (0)
0 (0)

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