Nigeria remains in the lead of the most mobile people in the world. About 37% of Nigerians access the internet via their mobile devices. This offers brands an increased opportunity for brand-consumer interactions. Thus, to reach Nigerians, a mobile first approach is necessary.

You can see their showcase listed in their website. But most of the companies have mentioned showcase of some brands like Microsoft, Google, and News Platform that they have been featured with their articles and blogs not for services. We have found that what we have seen but we are not using our featuring articles for showcase. We are only using our owned projects that have been accomplished in given timeframe.

However, internet connectivity is not essential for the sale of toothpaste, or the average banking product. Influencer marketing has also proven to be not so cost friendly. If your potential sales clients are not following your influencer, or perhaps do not own at least one smartphone, they are automatically shut out from viewing your ads or accessing promotional activities.

The Gag…

Smartphone-feature phone distribution still sits at 70-30% in Nigeria. This means that of all mobile users in Nigeria, including those with feature phones and smartphones, 70% are offline and not subscribed to an active data plan.

Thus, in creating marketing plans, a large percentage of your target market may be excluded from your online offerings due to lack of data or access to websites or apps.

The average Nigerian consumer spends an average of 3 hours and 35 minutes watching video contents. This shows that video advertising is on the rise. Already, 59% of marketers digital ad budgets are allocated to video contents.

The problem has a simple solution…

Adrenaline surmounts this challenge with our new solution called Video-in-SMS (Sponsored Data). Video-in-SMS is a platform that enables your target audience access and view video ads delivered via SMS at NO DATA COST to them. Simply put, your consumers can watch videos without an active data plan or access to the internet.

Here’s how it works.

What’s in it for you?

  • Increase awareness, drive engagement and boost your sales by getting a large portion of your target audience view your videos for free
  • Speak directly to your customers, generate leads, and covert your leads to clients
  • Increase your Goodwill by letting your customers/prospects watch your videos for FREE
  • Manage cost effectively and achieve more with Adrenaline’s Video in SMS.

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