Influencer marketing & advertising is increasing in popularity, giving celebrities the chance to win more businesses, while brands continue to neglect core marketing skills and leverage on in-house expertise.

In this competitive landscape, it’s crucial to stand out from the crowd. This means developing a much deeper understanding of the consumers you’re targeting, and shaping a strategy accordingly. Today, you can’t know whether a creative idea will work unless you’ve based it on accurate research that has come directly from the consumers you’re targeting. However, knowing how consumers will respond to a campaign before launching is a sure way to streamline spend and improve ROI.

Build a consumer centric strategy

A consumer-centric strategy doesn’t rely solely on educated assumption or past experience, but looks to the consumers themselves.

Insight of this kind comes from access to data and modern technology that goes far beyond traditional measurements, which allows you get a full overview of consumers along with their behaviours and demographic information.

With this kind of deep data at hand, it’s possible to become truly consumer-centric and reap the benefits.

Here’s how to do it.

Look to good quality data.

The value of good quality consumer data cannot be under emphasized Good data reveals something unique about your audience that you can tap into. Be it a behaviour, motivation or attitude. It can then be used throughout your strategy to not only confirm the validity of ideas, but generate them.

Tailored consumer insights.

Re-target your target consumers using a single source of extensive data to cut the chase and uncover insights tailored to your brief and objectives.

Detailed consumer journey maps.

Consumer journey maps provide a detailed overview of the customer experience and the path to purchase. With granular data, you can create highly usable maps that will resonate with clients and strengthen campaigns.

Personalized campaigns.

Today’s consumers expect personalization – and so do your clients. Use insight that translates a consumer’s behaviours, interests, attitudes and perceptions to tailor your campaigns to the right people, and make your programmatic advertising work as hard as it can.

Pin down the most lucrative channels and messaging.

With this knowledge at hand, you can move to mapping out your target audience’s actions and the reasons behind them. Knowing their motivations means you can determine how to approach them and where, ensuring your client is always in front of the right eyes at every stage of the purchase journey.

Measure your success.

Determining the return on your efforts is crucial for anyone, especially brands & agencies working under tight budget constraints, deadlines and constant pressure to justify their decisions and recommendations

Solutions like Adrenaline which offers real-time analytics and a more holistic portrayal of audience behaviours across location, devices, platforms etc. is what brands use to stand out. Adrenaline is the final puzzle piece you need to succeed at profiling your audience.

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