Our Product Catalogue


Our mobile advertising product, Adrenaline, has the ability to target granularly based on a combination of first party subscriber anonymised data (location, gender, billing and connection type etc.), second party data from the web and third party data from partner data vendors.


Blink is a mobile-first monetization solution that enables merchants and content providers accept small-value transactions for digital goods & services.
As a micropayment platform, Blink facilitates payments across 90M mobile users and 30M unique bank accounts through Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) and Direct Debit (DD).


UNBOX, our animated explainer video product provides an interesting, compelling and easy-to-understand way to convey important information using short format creative videos that can be easily understood by their target audience.


Mobile zone is an online portal where users can access aggregated digital content and services via their mobile devices. Users have access to download games, stream videos or gain access to SMS & CRBT services.
It is Mobile TV on the go with a flexible pricing model.

Digital Monitoring Tool (DMT)

DMT is a real time data aggregation, reporting and analytics platform that helps in reaching customers or target audience via most accessible channels (SMS, USSD, etc.) in emerging markets.


Rifa is an SMS-based raffle and lottery platform that provides brands and businesses running consumer promos or campaigns. It’s unbiased random generator assists in helping the selection process and displays the numbers or variables in a fun and exciting format.
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