Group Sales Officer


Direct Oversee: Terragon Digital- Sales, Twinpine- Sales
Job Level: Mid Management
Reports To: Group Commercial Director
The incumbent will be part of the Sales team that owns the entire Revenue Generation Process. To oversee the prediction, execution, and production of individual revenue streams. Identify and monitor the high gain “acceleration points” within the Revenue Generation Process and correct the internal “miss-alignments” that create organization drag on revenue performance.

Understand the Go To Market strategy and assure its implementation by designing and creating a cross-functional Revenue Generation Process that leverages the unique strengths of the organization to increase speed to Revenue by collapsing the time from Suspect to Sale.


  •  Sales aggressiveness
  • Relationship Building
  • Commendable negotiation skills
  • High net-worth people networking
  • Highly Customer-centric and Service oriented
  • Excellent people-relations skills
  • Fast-paced work environment
  • Adept in critical thinking with focus on numbers and sales, while utilizing available resources.

Job Duties & Responsibilities
The Group Sales Officer’s functions cover;

  • Ensure achievement of monthly & quarterly sales target
  • Develop and execute sales strategies and tactics to increase sales at the most valuable segment of the market with a goal to generate the most revenue possible
  • Manage and further grow sales channels, through strategic sales techniques
  • Create and implement a plan to create demand and achieve revenue results by operationalizing the Go To Market strategies on targeted revenue producing streams
  • Create, install, and manage a complete revenue process from Suspect to Sale for each revenue stream
  • Work closely with the business development and solutions delivery team to support the Revenue Acceleration Plan.
  • In order to assure that profitable revenue targets will be achieved, the Group Sales Officer will monitor revenue pipelines of each revenue stream to determine in advance the level of risk to obtaining desired goals and what adjustments should ultimately be implemented to accelerate revenue
  • Work closely with the Marketing team on initiatives that support the Revenue Acceleration Plan
  • Ability to leverage the horizontally of the business to drive additional sales targets

Key Points

  • Total oversee of Sales and Revenues in Mobile Advertising, VAS/Content Aggregation and Digital Marketing & Media
  • Seeking out major clients and forming working relationships with the premier buyers in the industry
  • Identifying valuable emerging markets
  • Accurately forecasting future sales and forming sales plans to adapt to constant shifts in the marketplace
  • Serving as a business representative at major industry events, conferences, trade shows, and expositions
  • Maximising company profit
  • Foreseeing and avoiding stagnation in the marketplace
  • Forming sales strategies to keep the company competitive and innovative

General Liaison with:

  • Terragon’s Present & Prospective Clients/Customers

Key Internal Liaison:

  • Business Development & Solutions Delivery, TwinPine, Marketing & Corporate Communications, Finance, TL and TL .

Educational Qualifications, Certifications and Experience:

  • First Degree in a Business related discipline
  • Post-graduate degree; MBA is desirable
  • Previous Sales experience is a necessity
  • Minimum of four (4)years sales experience
  • Demonstrated ability to influence and achieve sales numbers

DUE DATE: 16th November 2017

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